PhD students, post-docs and research engineers I have (co-)advised.


PhD Students

Yasser Benigmim
deep learning
computer vision, semantic segmentation, foundation models
Clémentine Berger
deep learning,
signal processing
Morgan Buisson
MIR, deep learning, representation learning
Elio Gruttadauria
speech processing,
representation learning, speaker diarization, speech separation, online inference
Antonin Gagneré
deep learning, representation learning, MIR
self-supervised learning
David Perera
deep learning, machine listening, representation learning
few-shot learning, dcase
Victor Letzelter
Bayesian methods, representation learning, machine learning
spatio-temporal audio scene analysis
Hugo Malard
deep learning, representation learning, multimodal processing
foundation models, LLM, CLIP, CLAP
Thomas Serre
speech processing, denoising
personalised speech enhancement
Aurian Quélennec
representation learning, deep learning, MIR,
Salah Zaiem
speech processing, representation learning, machine learning, deep learning


Théo Mariotte
deep learning, machine listening, speech processing
speech separation, speaker diarization
Michel Olvera
deep learning, machine listening

Research Engineers

Pierre Chouteau
deep learning, machine listening
signal processing
Joris Cosentino
source separation, speech processing, deep learning,
Maxime Coutant

real-time processing, embedded, audio software
Quoc Duong Nguyen
deep learning, machine listening
audio software
Paraskevas Stamatiadis
speech processing,


Former PhD Students

Valentin Barrière   2015-2018
Now Assistant Professor with Université du Chili
Thesis: Analyse d'opinion dans les interactions orales
Victor Bisot   09/2014-11/2018
Now Research engineer
Anne-Claire Conneau   2012-2015
Thesis: Reconnaissance automatique de l'émotion à partir de signaux EEG
Giorgia Cantisani   2018-2021
Now Postdoc with Laboratoire des Systèmes Perceptifs, ENS
Rémi Foucard   2009-2013
Now Musician with Various stages/studios
Magdalena Fuentes   11/2016-11/2019
Now Assistant Professor with New York University
Nicolas Furnon   2018-2021
Now Research Engineer with Advanced Bionics
Alexandre Garcia   2016-2019
Now CPGE Professor with Lycée Chaptal
Sébastien Gulluni   03/2008-03/2011
Now Professional Composer / Sound designer / Music technology teacher
Cyril Joder   2007-2011
Now Patent examiner with European Patent Office
Aymeric Masurelle   11/2011 - 10/2015
Now Co-Founder & Artifical Creature Artisan with SPooN
Sanjeel Parekh   2016-2019
Now Research scientist with Meta Reality Labs Research
Félicien Vallet   09/2007-09/2011
Now Privacy Technologist with CNIL

Former Postdocs

Dogac Basaran   10/2016-01/2018
Now Audio Machine Learning Scientist with Apple Music
classification, deep learning, machine learning, MIR, music transcription
Atef Ben Youssef   09/2016-12/2018
Now Head of R&D with LUDO-VIC
deep learning, human centered signal processing, machine learning, multimodal processing, speech processing
Cécilia Damon   05/2012-10/2013
Now Research engineer/Project manager with IRSN Institute, D3NSI/SVDDA Team
data decomposition, EEG, machine learning, multimodal processing, signal models, source separation
Alfred Dielmann   2010-2011
Now Senior Research Scientist with Cerence
machine learning, multimodal processing, speech processing
Angélique Drémeau   2011-2013
Now Assistant professor with ENSTA Bretagne & Lab-STICC (UMR CNRS 6285)
Bayesian methods, sparse representations
Davide Andrea Mauro   01/2013-12/2013
Now Assistant Professor with Marshall University (USA)
signal transformation
Jair Montoya Martinez   2015-2017
Now Research Scientist with Flemish institute for technological research
classification, data decomposition, EEG, machine learning, signal models, source separation
Alexey Ozerov   02/2008-07/2009
Now AI Research Lead with Ava
audio scene analysis, Bayesian methods, classification, machine listening, source separation
Romain Serizel   2014-2016
Now Associate Professor with Université de Lorraine/Loria
audio scene analysis, classification, machine listening, speech processing
Liying Wei   -
audio scene analysis, classification

Former Research Engineers

François Rigaud   2010-2013
Now Research engineer with Deezer Recommendation Team
deep learning, denoising, MIR, music transcription, signal models, source separation